by Matthew Lombardo

The Riverfront Playhouse will hold in-person auditions for Looped by Matthew Lombardo on August 8th and 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the Riverfront Playhouse, 11-13 S Water Street Mall, Aurora, IL 60505. Auditions will consist of a cold reading from the script. Resumes and headshots are not required or expected.

About the show:
Based on a real event, Looped takes place in the summer of 1965, when an inebriated Tallulah Bankhead needed eight hours to redub - or loop - one line of dialogue for her last movie, Die! Die! My Darling!: "And so Patricia, as I was telling you, that deluded rector has in literal effect closed the church to me." Though Bankhead's outsized personality dominates the play, the sub-story involves her battle of wills with a film editor named Danny Miller, who has been selected to work that particular sound editing session.
Performances are scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings beginning September 17th through October 23rd.
The show is directed by Lynn Knauf & Tim Curtis. If you have any questions feel free to contact

The Characters:
TALLULAH BANKHEAD, 63, an actress mostly known for her outrageous behavior and raunchy wit. Her grand persona shields her increasing insecurities, for her career has been on the downswing for some time.
DANNY MILLER, 38, a film editor. Attractive and bookish, he is an uptight conservative with an awkward charm. He doesn’t like to talk about himself for he has a well-kept secret.
STEVE, 45, a sound engineer. Seen mostly in silhouette, he is a blue-collar union worker with monotone speech.

The Setting:
A Los Angeles Recording Studio in the Summer 1965

For more information, contact the Riverfront at 630.897.9496

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