The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

The Riverfront Playhouse will hold auditions for "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)," a farcical spoof of all things Shakespearean, high-brow, classy or otherwise not a whole lot of fun. The directors, Gary Puckett and Jake Murphy, begrudgingly admit that there are several sincere homages to the Bard in this play, but claim they are completely and tastelessly overwhelmed by the rather hideous and ridiculous slapstick routines that comprise most of the script. 


 Auditions will be on Sunday, May 30 and Monday, May 31 at 7pm.  (That's right - Memorial Day weekend. So, if you have absolutely no plans after being cooped up for most of the last year and can't think of anything better to do, join us!) 

This play has roles for three actors (all genders, ethnicities, ages, sizes, species are welcome) with strong physical, character, and improv skills -- but most importantly the ability (on stage, if nowhere else) to make people laugh, or at least occasionally giggle or smile broadly.  The directors wish to add that additional roles might shoe-horned into the production, if a large group of really talented people show up.  


Auditions will be held OUTSIDE in the general vicinity of the Riverfront Playhouse (11-13 S. Water St. Mall, Aurora, IL), which makes sense because this show will be performed OUTSIDE in the general vicinity of the Riverfront Playhouse -- specifically, Mundy Park, next to the Venue and close to City Hall. No sign-ups are needed, just bring your self and they will have you fill out a short form. Vaccinated actors are also preferred, but why qualify it?  Vaccinated PEOPLE are generally preferred, right?  


(If such comments annoy you, just wait till you see the show!)


Performances will be OUTSIDE (did we mention that?) July 13-July 28, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm, for a grand total of six performances. (The directors fought for more, but let's face it: this is Aurora.)  Tickets will be free to the public, but donations will be accepted from individuals with a conscience who don't believe in ripping off a not-for-profit arts organization.  


For more information, contact the Riverfront at 630.897.9496

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